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Mingle your unique color in oneness with others and be amazed to witness the canvas you create together.  ~ Deepika

"Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" It is a sanskrit phrase from Upanishad meaning world is one big family.

I feel and believe that universal energy pervades as a ball of light and we are all a part of it, like tiny sparks of light. We come from the same source, made of same stuff, if we live our life feeling this, we will never feel disconnected. Neither from each other nor from source. But once we start to live in separation, let the ego sweep in, we become dissociated from the core. Ego then takes over and It takes years to get rid of that built up ego. Living with ego is like living with disease and to get this treated we need to heal. I also feel and believe we all go through this cycle in our life times to live and experience every emotion. It is like universe goes on fast food diet to try i.e  EGO, material world etc and then detox i.e come back to its original form. We are all the same except that we are at different stages in our journey of transformation, our soul matures and heals as we yearn to feel the universe/divinity within us. What has helped me in self healing is the belief that if we originate from universe the universe will take care of us too,  provided we believe that we are part of  it, and the  universal energy resides within us. It is like feeling the universe within. As a Buddhist quote says our work starts from within - " Knowing yourself is start to wisdom"


Services and approach to work

 "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you" - Mathew 7:12

 Beautifully expressed In the epic Ramayana it was love of Shabri that she offered in each berry that she tasted before offering to Shri Ram, to ensure it was the sweetest. I am the guinea pig in my journey. Whatever, I have tried and tested on myself and that has worked for me in self healing,  I feel happy and comfortable in offering and sharing.  I have comprised my services in few programs.  My services are self empowering, energy work and holistic. Motive is to motivate you to take charge of your life with the resources which are within your reach. 


Results will be faster if you can practice them in hermit mode. 

Deep Dive Exploration - Self - purification,  Self - regulation, Self -introspection,  Self - efficacy, Self - realization, Self - knowledge, Self -discovery, Self - belief, Self - love, Self - trust and Self - hug. 

Planting the seeds and Anchoring - Grounding with Trust, Self expression with love, How Cognitive work, NLP and affirmations help during storms. "What you sow so shall you reap", Learning from trees, Balance/ Alignment/Strength, tendency of going towards light, Circadian rhythms, Using the energy to contribute selflessly.

 Metamorphosis - Transformation of mind body and soul, Inner union, Oneness with all, Striking inner and outer balance with thoughts, Chakra system and Karmic dissolution, Presence, Discipline, Focus, Will-Power, Trust, Surrender and Love - Engaging in life purpose and service.

 Reviving Intrinsic Values -  Awaken the Shaman within you! Shamanic principles and healing. Living yourself in fulfillment and bliss.

Soul Retrieval - Dream interpretations and working with subconscious mind to heal and reconnect with your true self. 

Feel it, it is within you! - Communicating with Universe (Brahmaand) and tapping the universal energy that resides in you, Chakra healing, Remodeling and regenerating yourself energetically at cellular level and beyond. Feel the brahman in you!

Forest hermitage - drawing wisdom from nature, Reconnecting with mother nature, connecting and communicating with wild life around, understanding the signs from nature / wildlife and learning from them. Healing with sounds of nature.

Farming - feeling the all producing all bearing foundation, the mother earth, playing with soil,  Eco-healing, witnessing the amazing power of herbs and plant medicine. Mingling with flora and fauna. Dwelling in forest and tree hug.

Vibrational healing with Sanskrit mantras. Ayurvedic principles. Aura reading and energy clearing. Daily Affirmations done with breathing exercises and movement. Oneness, balance, dissolution of ego, seeing life as an illusion hence attracting the positive all pervasive energy. I am!

Laughter Therapy

Heal with laughter, learn to laugh at yourself. Be present and see the world with curiosity, innocence and simplicity.  Erase the worries, pain and sorrows with laughter.

Activate the dormant child within you, enjoy playfulness, awaken with humor and revive your soul.

 Rebirth,  Awakening the feminine essence- Holistic healing , restoring vitality with flow and grace.  Learning to harness your creative instincts, reviving the regenerating capabilities of self, Union with pure powerful complete self, Integrating self  to manifest divinity of each cell to synthesize the stronger charismatic you. Feeling in sync with mother nature and mother earth. Inner dance and falling in love with yourself.

Mindmingles tag line - Understanding the mind, heart , soul connection, dynamics and evolution. Opening the heart in love, dissolving the ego and thoughts, living in presence with joy, trust and bliss within and around - Satchitananda

 My approach to work - I will be offering my services to assist you in your life journey as you create your own story and live the life of your dreams . I will be taking an approach of providing you with resources and witness how you restore your power, take charge of your life and create the life you have always wanted. Because when you yourself do the inner work  the results are astounding, not only you get healed but as you unravel your true self it is the best gift ever.   It is like: You will take the drivers seat and I will sit beside you  giving instructions time to time whilst we witness how you navigate and create your own path and together we celebrate the growth. I believe that we all have a unique journey and sharing it enables us to learn from each other.  Overall I am trying to make an effort to  come up with a comprehensive and holistic healing platform to foster and support and reach out to as many, in an endeavour to get you to initiate your own healing and balance within and around. My work will always be in progress and so will my life. I am certain that with trial and error,  valuable feedbacks and reciprocal learning I will continue to grow with you. In future I will be adding more features to my site such as chat groups, forums, videos, speakers series on you tube channel, the effort will be to make the platform more interactive. Keeping in mind the tough times we are facing I want to be accessible, affordable in reaching out. A lot of information I am putting on site is free for anyone to get started. Other services will be at an affordable price and that is to support my living expenses. 

I believe we are one big family and we each have our gifts to share and so am I. This will not only help others but I believe more so myself in giving what I have. The more I give the lighter I will get and that calls for easy lifting when it is time!

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Weaving by Hand

The Mindmingles Story

The tapestry of our life and foot prints we leave are unique gifts for sharing, we all learn from one another! ~ Deepika

I have always been in quest about life, its meaning and what I wanted to do in this life and what I am capable of doing? I have read some self help books until I stumbled upon a random booklet at a Buddhist temple, 

where I  got struck by this quote

"To live life to fullest, you have to express yourself fully," I have come to believe that sharing our life experiences could be our contribution/gift to each other.

Here I am,  Deepika, ready to open up and share my life experiences, my thoughts, my feelings choices I made to be the person I am today. I am grateful for everything and to everyone for their contributions and to have been blessed with this adventurous life.  I will keep learning and growing with everyone in this journey as I experience life situations and interactions.  I seem to others like a social butterfly but I am an introvert. Never been able to be myself perhaps with the fear of being judged or rejection of not  being a perfect person. Overtime I have come to realize that striving and struggling to be perfect is unnatural and I have come to accept that "I am not perfect but I am what I am" period!"

This is what universe intended to make of me,  I have come to accept myself as being content with myself and accept the gifts I have been given with gratitude.

To my remembrance and earliest memory as a young child  I remember was that  my soul was in love with everything, "I was in love with love!"  I would keep overflowing with love and it never got emptied. As I grew, social conditioning and life situations, made me change my integral belief.  I was shaken to my core to loose trust in myself and to become a person which I wasn't -Live for society, behave like herd and be socially acceptable. I was developing to become a split personality. To my recollection right from young age to now I have been in war with myself and I have the wounds of war to testify my journey. However, those wounds are my assets now and I cherish them as my life lessons. My soul has disintegrated and integrated a thousands of times. But each time I disintegrated I looked up to universe for help, and it never disappointed me, it gave me the power to integrate and rise. Celestials, Wildlife and nature have been my biggest teachers. Example: Importance of balance from celestials positioning, strength and grounding - how each tree individually survives a storm, lessons to persevere from spider or ants. I believe animals have sixth sense and when you call universe for help, they show up to encourage and inspire.

 My belief of the fact that each time something happens it is meant to happen, it is happening for our soul growth. We need to accept it with gratitude and trust. We must quest for what it is trying to tell? Each time I  reassembled or tried integrating  myself, Universe always provided the resources. It is for us to be vigilant to tap what we have. In a nutshell, universe only gives us what we can handle and is needed for our soul growth.  If we lived each moment in presence it has everything in it!

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Nature connects me to divine!

Drawing wisdom from Nature.

Your inner nature is what reflects in nature around. Sometimes just by  seeing a scenery we get awe struck, just imagine virtually seeing it? From times immemorial monks have practiced meditation in forests. Schools used to be in ashrams/ hermitage and students were encouraged to spend time in nature, meditate, do humble tasks, live in hardship and learn in natural surroundings. There was a reason to this education system, because this enhanced learning experience, eg: vision quests are held even today to get answers of life. 

Comfort, indoor life, electronic gadgets, city living and very many things of modern living have changed us, our thinking, our learning and self healing abilities. Lot of children today have not had the opportunity to witness the marvels of nature in real settings because of easy access to information on computers and TV. Meditation has been replaced by multitasking, natural settings to screens, humble tasks are considered menial, comfort living is new addiction.

All this has changed the mindset and we are going very far from what we are, our true identity, true nature, true self. Authentic and meaningful has new definition. We all need a gentle reminder to question our being, "what is our true nature? what  are we made of? where we come from and where we will go? - is universal energy that pervades in us, the answer to our quest?

Do we realize we are missing out on the marvel of how each seed germinates to a plant, each seed has the capacity to grow into a full blown tree, all it takes in are the elements of nature, nutrients from mother earth - air, water, soil and the vital energy of sun. It is a wonder that each plant looks different in the color, size, texture, fragrance, and the food/value it provides. The processing done on food is so much so that we forget where the actual food is coming from its source and how it looks like in raw form? 

P.S: The keen observer in the picture is in quest to find himself in elements of nature. 

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According to a 2018 McKinsey report, China boasts 114 of the world’s 147 female, self-made billionai

Aging is wisdom

Charisma of experience speaks: innate beauty, confidence, healthy body , focus and fitness, if this is aging I can't wait for it! ~ Deepika

When an old friend who sees us after many years comments, "you look the same, you haven't changed" a lot of us take it as a compliment.

For me, that would not be a compliment but an under evaluation of myself. Beecause I grow, I experience, I learn, I evolve and I  accomplish! - I transform.  If I have the greys or wrinkles or scars or imperfections, hurt, disease or injury etc , they are the wounds of the war I faced in life, they are my assets, my lessons. Always mine to cherish and progress. As beautifully said by Rumi - "Wound is the place where light enters you"

Although I want to nurture my inner child, at times I also want to feel accomplished in how I handled difficult life situations. I think

"Life lived is not measured by life span but rather by the health span". To me, looking younger is not about anti aging but it is about the fitness, clarity of mind and healthy body. It is not about how many years you live but about how you live and experience your life. I am lucky to stumble upon this beautiful  picture of a woman above. Health, confidence and strength exude from her eyes. She inspires!

 As we mature we women tend to hide our imperfections, on the other hand, usually men don't care.  Are we insecure of aging gracefully? If you are, then, this program is for you. This program will make you restore your inner power to make you feel empowered again and take charge of yourself and feel beautiful.  I am the guinea pig in this and this has worked for me. With trust and requests from friends I am willing to share this secret formula in a form of a program. It will make you feel strong and good about yourself,  irrespective of life situations.

Sierra Boggess said, "You are enough, you are so enough, It is unbelievable, how enough you are. " I believe that in a present moment, we are enough and whatever around us is enough too.  It is for us to give justice to the moment. However, inner work, cognitive thinking, focus, will-power, discipline and self belief is needed alongside.  In this program, You will learn to listen to your inner voice by asking questions to yourself. The more you inquire the more you will discover and the more you will transform. Eugene Ionesco - "It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question"

In this program, you will learn to tap on the resources within/around and take full control of yourself. In a nutshell you will be your own resource for the very fact that the vital force of universe resides within you. My goal is to remind you to muster your self-confidence, to evoke the vitality of your cells and regenerate a new vibrant you, like never before!

  Each day you will feel your inner child awaken as you activate the humor and playfulness in your being.  You yourself will be amazed by the feminine force of divinity circulating in your self, manifesting in each of your cells into a-  stronger and charismatic - you.  Overall, it is about inner transformation  regenerating your being, your mind, body and soul! 

 I can assure you that in this journey - You will begin to fall in love with yourself! ` Deepika

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Feeling the universe within and around

Communicate with universe and it shall respond

All my life I have looked up in wonder and imagined what is up there? Celestials always kept me occupied with their mystery. I have a strong feeling there is life up there and one day an alien will come visit me. Formation of universe, the big bang, black hole, stars, constellations, formations, planets and moon cycle. Everything  up there is showing us something. It is for us to figure out what it is? Everyone has their own imagination and thinking, to drive inference from their observations. Gazing the sky in day light is amazing too, clouds their patterns sunrise and sunset, canvas of colors, cloud formations and rainbow. The birds how they fly in patterns, use their sixth sense and navigate? Everything up there is so amazing and wonderous that sometimes I wish our eyes were on top of our heads so that we could keep gazing and not miss on anything. 

I think most of us agree that soul resides in each of us. Although everyone has a different way of experiencing it. When we read about scientists philosophers and spiritual leaders most come to conclude that we are made of energy. To my understanding and feeling I believe that the universal energy resides in us (enters once life forms and departs when life ends) feeding all the cells with its divine intelligence. It imparts wisdom to each cell to do its part like lungs to breath and ears to hear and heart to pump etc. I feel it sometimes during meditation that our soul resides between our heart and brain. It is like a quanta/wave of light which moves between heart and mind in our spinal column. Once it (soul) comes out from our body it exists as light. Param Hans Yoganand explains that when we meditate and focus in between our eyebrow the light which we see it is similar to that. (Right around the pineal gland, seat of our mind) probably that is why yogis activate their chakras and raise the energy to third eye and still their mind to experience the intrinsic nature of it. The soul does carry the imprints which means soul has its mind. The imprints are stored in the subconscious which stay as karma/ impressions in the soul in next incarnation. That is why we work in each life to dissolve our karma to ascend. The subconscious mind can be tapped during a dream or during visualization. Inner work can be done during a lucid dream to get rid of fears etc,  or to understand soul purpose or work on our weakness to make it our  strengths - inner alchemy. Karmic can also be dissolved by self introspection, self realization and self purification. Experiencing love for all beings and feeling connected and burning our ego is key. Practice of presence and stillness is pure bliss. Inhalations and exhalations in a certain way along the spinal column with the sound of OM can hasten to dissolve karmic too, as practiced by monks. I am sure there are  others ways reported too.  Although each one of us is capable of finding their own way that works for them.

I will later elaborate how universe communicates but before that I want to talk about universal laws propounded by scientists and my understanding of their relation with life and how things work.   Philosophy, spirituality and science seem interconnected to me, married like a trio. To me all scientist are philosophers and vice versa,  they seem like rishis/sages except that they were focused thinkers in lab trying to find answers and validate the universal laws. 

While science engages our minds with reasoning and analysis, spirituality opens our heart and awakens our soul. Philosophy as it means in Greek language - love of wisdom, teaches us how to lead our life wisely.

An apple has always dropped from the tree to the ground but it was Newton who observed it. Why moon did not fall while the apple fell and then he propounded the theory to prove the universal law of gravity. ( Things stay in their orbits - teaches me importance of balance, on the other hand apple fall - everything we witness may be relative to the observer) Newtons' third law  links with spirituality on cause and effect - our karma in life.  Likewise other scientists keen observation and curiosity has validated various hypothesis to theories which have link to spirituality. Faraday is known for Electromagnetism which also explains aura around a living body. Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity which brings spirituality and science in union, where energy is equal to the mass times square of the speed of light.  Spiritually, When matter/ our mind becomes nothing, energy equals light. During meditation when we loose track of space and time and detach from material body state of pure consciousness arises called as Advaita-oneness. In Indian philosophy-There is this Universal mantra from vedas in sanskrit called as  Gayatri mantra,  it defines the above beautifully. Aum
Bhur Bhuvah Svah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo nah Prachodayat

   In essence - "O 'Divine creater open our hearts and enlighten our intellect with light." 

What supersedes everything is Neils Bohr finding on quantum entanglement, which shows the link between two like particles in terms of their behavior irrespective of their positions and distance. Entanglement of particles describes a relationship between their fundamental properties that can't have happened by chance. Knowing something about one tells something about the same characteristics of another is the basis for quantum communication and quantum sensing, it can be understood as a quantum link between two objects which behave as a single quantum object. I feel and believe,  Plato's concept of single soul split in two called as 'Twin flame' phenomenon is quite like  quantum entanglement. It is astounding to witness such a connection at quantum level. Telepathy, psychics, power of mind, dreams, consciousness and energy healing from distance, time travel can be answered by it too combined with the recent String Theory proposed by Michio Kaku. He proposes that the fundamental constituents of universe are  one dimensional strings, which vibrate at 10-11 dimensions. Pythagoras believed in reincarnation and immortality of soul, he felt 3 was a mystical number which unifies mind body and soul. He came with a theorem of a right angled triangle where the square of two sides is always equal to the square of its hypotenuse, mind body and soul balance, trinity of God.

Nicola Tesla "If you wish to understand the universe, understand it with energy, vibration and frequency." He also emphasized magnificence of 369.

 Ramanujan - credited his mathematical knowledge to divinity, he attributed his knowledge to goddess who revealed to him during prayers/meditation. 

Watson and Crick came with the discovery that DNA is a double helix structure after( Crick woke up from a dream) and how genes control the chemical processes in body. Bruce Lipton's work on epigenetics, his study on behavior of living cells in medium, concludes that it is not the genes but the environment and perception that decides the fate of the cell. Overall it is the spiritual intelligence underlying in all of life forms which decides its fate, which helps in self healing. Plants are great example of this. They absorb life force /energy in cells manifest into wonder food, oxygen and  balance. 

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The path to finding you

The path we create is our own unique journey to light. Hardships, dark nights, loneliness , unforeseen or harsh conditions all are mere tests to our spirit. It is about believing in yourself and continuing to persevere with trust that light shall shine! and it does....shine! ~ Deepika

I have not read very many books neither have I received a structured training and nor did I go to a so called "branded" college. What I have done more often is observe, feel, try, experience, listen, learn and live. Based on that I have written down some of the stuff. There have been links and references to what I have felt and expressed in my writings in form of quotes or some writings in the past. That gives my writings some validation and I am thankful for that. I am glad stuff that I expressed has some base and backing.  The crux of my writing comes from what my soul experienced and felt about basic principles of life. Everyone has a way of expressing it though. 

I feel....

Circle of life - Life events go in a circle with ups and down and we all go through this cycle in our life times. Sometimes life also seems like walking on a rope, if we master the art of  balance, life is smooth, like walking to the end of rope effortlessly. In most cases it does not happen that way though, we make mistakes we fall, we learn from our mistakes, gather courage and strength and start all over till we fall again and rise again and fall until the finish line. To me rising and falling is an illusion, it is not a line but a circle of life.   Living in presence with trust, surrender and love suffice.

Story of trees -The wonder of seed germinating to a tree! Nature has always amazed me, every plant/tree has a story to tell.

 Looking at life like a story of tree: Fruits or the shade is what we look at when it comes to trees but roots is the real thing. Being grounded and rooted is the start. If we invest in solid foundation we stay anchored even in most difficult storm. 

For life problems or disease, most times we look at external factors or symptoms when it comes to treating a person/any life situation for that matter. The trees teach us to always look at the root problem, When we start our work from root problem then things get easier to work on. This approach has helped me a great deal in self healing  and life. 

Looking at my journey: 

In retrospect, I think, my soul  always felt more pain for a purpose, maybe to understand human emotions or to experience pain to fullest to become more empathetic to everything that is. I have been a very sensitive person and always wondered why things feel a certain way? There was a reason to it which I understand now, as I write. If my soul didn't undergo fusion and fission a several times, I would never be where I am today. I am at a place where I acknowledge world as one big family and everyones' pain is our collective pain. With gods grace, I am able to muster strength time to time to withstand its undertaking, feel it, learn lessons from it and let go of it to the universe, what I cannot handle. 

 Various stresses in life put immense load on my immune system as a result my body systems went haywire. I have had Hashimotto's thyroiditis, my immune system attacked my own thyroid gland. I take thyroxine everyday. Although the dosage has been reduced from what I used to take. My thyroid is in control now. The melanin of my hair was attacked by my own immune system, giving me considerable number of greys very early in life. I color my hair with herbs henna and kelp which give my hair temporary color. Recently I have had new hair coming in and they are black. (will share secrets in my  beauty kit) I have battled PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic, paranoia, fears and various other emotional and psychological issues. I survived close to fatal road accident, a turning point in my life. I may have survived for a reason?  Besides this there have been several other life threatening situations which have made me strong. Society has always been confusing to me, It has always challenged me emotionally or rather to put it better - I have taken social issues as a challenge myself. Maybe because tigress wanders alone and fights her own battle! ;) Herd makes her feel weak.

 I still do not understand the social norms. I have always been free spirited person. Being in society or herd was suffocating. I was in war with myself, inner fight and flight.  As a result  I indulged into comfort  eating, I put on those extra pounds to an extent of having borderline diabetes. It was tough to shed the extra pounds, maintaining it was even tougher. It was like climbing the mountain each day to restore the body and reverse my diabetes.

My chronic lower back pain which almost crippled me physically. Doctors said spinal surgery was the only option. The  pain was actually amplification of my collective pain my soul had been carrying from life times. Physical symptoms and disease were just the manifestation of my emotional burdens in my subconscious.  Inflammation, allergies and stress were taking over my normal bodily functions. From head to toe every part of my body has had some or the other problem. There was this constant war I have been having inside my body, mind and soul. I was breaking down everyday.  I think my soul yearned to express itself to fullest but never got to express because of circumstances and life situations or maybe I wasn't brave?? More so because I believed in putting aside myself over those who needed my attention first or perhaps I yearned to deal with my karmic first,  or life intended to be that way. 

I have been a vegetarian and a high fiber and citrus food fan, I have enjoyed lot of fruits and vegetable which gave my teeth and jaw quite a workout. I was chewing like grazing animals chew vegetables, as a result the enamel of my teeth has wore down considerably. Going through emotional issues made me grind my teeth in night- bruxism. There wasn't a part in mind body and soul which was not effected. Everything was shutting down, I felt shattered, not myself in my own body.

I will elaborate mental, physical and emotional issues in Metamorphosis and  inner Alchemy section.  

To Add each para in services page:

Maturing gracefully:

All of us learn from each other and tapestry of our life and the foot prints we leave are unique gifts for sharing. ~ Deepika

 I am going to be putting together maturing gracefully secrets, which lot of  women well wishers have been requesting me to do. How spices herbs, fruits vegetables and kitchen can become your beauty lab. Ayurvedic herbs and cooking for more vigor, vitality and healthy you. You will spend less money and time yet look and feel wonderful and natural. "What you eat, do, feel and think, so you become." ~Deepika

Laughter/ laugh and roll:

Also I am working on how I can incorporate laughing with you all on zoom /skype so that you can roll in laughter with me. I am training to be a laughter therapist from Centre of Excellence. I have already completed my laughter facilitator course online. Although laughter is innate and cannot be taught, it is a universal language.  I still felt going through structured programs will help me understand other aspects of it.  I have never received complements for anything, but when I laugh everyone has something to say about my laughter. Maybe this is one thing I can do. After laughing, I can say one thing,   that "when we all laugh it spreads and when it spreads it heals" ~ Deepika. I am planning on starting a group to have option of laughing and chatting under a group under - "Silly Chats"

Restore , Regenerate, Reinvigorate :

 I will be putting together a check list/formula to bring you back to where you want to be if you have slipped over in situations and hard times.

I will be putting together a program on Healing in nature. I believe our forests are full of resources. All elements of nature and celestials build us, guide us and heal us. I have come up with a structured program on how nature helped me heal from so many issues.

Tapping universal energy within:

Talking to universe and understanding the signs, the hints it gives you, the answers to your questions if you pay attention. You will learn how to build trust in universe and overtime eventually start to feel the universe within and around. I was curious, gregarious, loquacious. But didn't find anyone to listen to me , communicate with me. That was hard but then I started communicating with myself and the universe and thereafter there are no regrets , it is the most reliable, true friend who is always there no matter the times feel good or bad. 

Art of balance, Inner dance and Union :

Yoga is union with self as defined by Patanjali. Keeping main principles as foundation and without much distortion to give it a new name. I will be putting up a program that can be practiced by anyone. Asana means which can be done easily. Once the comfort  level is achieved you can further push your self prudently. In a group class never compete with others, yoga is about self and it is your own work.

Women practicing this program in particular will slowly start to experience connection to their divine feminine essence. They will feel/be in sync with mother nature or may be mother earth, or both - the universal feminine energy.

Program structures tuning in posture/ asanas with grace, beauty and elegance to bring about inner dance in cells, balance in hormones, restore confidence, heal the women within, and awaken the inner goddess to her fullest potential. This is something which will bring about flow of energy in for women to feel power within. Motive is to remind  women to  takes charge of herself. To reprogram and imprint this in her DNA that she is the pro-creater, therefore  she can also  create herself and her destiny. Her struggles to rise, time and again and years of oppression will heal. I feel women cannot be empowered she just needs to be reminded or be reintroduced to herself. She is all pervading universal energy who can procreate, she knows how to tame the lion and ride on him.  Every time she is wronged She will still emerge/rise up as a all powerful,  creative, knowledgeable, wise, playful, loving and beautiful feminine. This is her innate self. Poses and transition to poses will be in flow with grace poise, almost like the energy dance in each cell. This program is structured in a way so that you affirm the thoughts and feelings by rewriting the DNA code by reprograming the subconscious mind.

Options to opt for lucid dream work for reprograming are also available.


This will be the most interesting part when you will know the emotional and social aspect of me. I have had incredible life experiences and lessons with people. I guess my soul asked for adventure.  I will eventually be opening up myself more and more to share my experiences, the choices I made in life situations, my beliefs and learnings as I grew. How I made my limitations/weaknesses into my greatest strength.(My secret- I have always believed that god will always do what is in highest good for my/your soul ascension) This belief helped me overcome hopelessness. I will elaborate more later.

I will specifically not want to mention the people in my life because I haven't taken their permission to mention their context or part they played in my life or may be I  will get their consent later. I like to thank each of them sincerely for being in my life.  Sometimes I marvel, what an inner adventure and emotional roller coaster ride I have had! Thank you God!

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Balance in the midst of turmoil

Simple formula

Balance = Focus+ presence+ Coherence

Balance is hard to achieve and it comes with lot of inner work. The hardest of which is letting go of attachments and ego. The key to let go of these thoughts is to quickly remember you are just energy and so is everyone and we are all connected and helping each other rise. This will generate oneness and love, resulting in coherence. Life is an illusion, if we attract positive thoughts and feelings love and light flow. 

 Understanding focus with this example, if we remembered our role and dialogues and not our co-actors lines, shot of a movie can be done in one take, focus is easier to achieve if we stick to our thoughts and roles..

Presence - what is , is that is! There is nothing before and after, all that is, is in the moment! It is a simple thing, easier said then done, but with practice and determination, it can be achieved.

Our core always feels light and blissful when we are in harmony.

Harmony is created when  inner balance equals outer balance!

When our mind body and soul come in sync, we feel inner balance. Our thoughts, words and deed as a result of our inner state create the outer reality/balance.

Ironically we keep conditioning and scrubbing our body, if we realized our body is extension of our mind, things would be much easier and simple. ~ Deepika

Being in present which means, neither living in the past memories nor anticipating the future. bringing the mind to present still-now moment in oneness with all. It is a place of non attachment with your so called assets, position, body, mind or situation. Once you have a moment of stillness during your meditation .You will experience your heart swelling up like balloon in love and eventually you will experience rising like a balloon, sustaining your raised vibrations and being in this state, will give a green signal to your soul ascension to kick start. I believe Living life to our very best is in our hands, by making the right choices, exchanging what truly belongs to you- which is love and light and NOT matter, you will then be in state as nobody (egoless) thus attracting reflection of your being around you that prevails as love and light! In order to explain this experience or to live in this experience all we need to do is open our hearts wide and feel connected with each other in love, in harmony, gratitude, compassion and whilst we do this unification takes  place within and around us, what is around us is the reflection of our being.  Whenever the pure and liberated thoughts prevail in mind, positive electric field is generated and when we feel oneness and harmony our heart opens and magnetic field generates around. The electromagnetic field around our body expands.Our mind body and soul start to come in sync in process we feel moments when we are connected to source, experiencing absolute bliss. The in vitro and in vivo medium around the cells starts changing in biochemistry and cells thrive to their very best. When we live in positive emotions and feelings, love fills in so much that there is no room for any other thing, well to say it better, nothing else is worth this feeling. This requires practice though, strict discipline, self control, will power and focus and being detached. There is a very thin line which exists between being and doing. And to live in balance between the two we need to be conscious. 

Bhagwat Gita sholka "Karmanye vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana ma karma phala hetur bhurmatey sangostva akarmani" You have right to work only on your karma, but never of its fruits.

let not the fruits of action be the motive nor let your attachment be to inaction.

Present moment is what that is.  My gist of Gita - Dissolve/kill your inner demons and keep your focus on presence in thoughts, words and action.

I will be sharing my meditation experience later. 

The other teacher which keeps you conscious is hardship. Testament of that is Sages/rishis have meditated in extreme conditions to attain enlightenment. Adverse conditions and Hardship constantly challenge you to overcome it. You look for help around but in reality when you go within it is within you and has always been within you, it was just waiting to be tapped. 

Being in nature is what I look forward to each day, I am a nature lover, nature connects me to divine, All the elements of nature/wild life, birds not only shows us signs from universe but also teach us life lessons. All we need to do is dwell in nature with curiosity, observe feel and absorb. 

 I also feel is that what we see around or attract is the reflection of our thoughts. Each thought we send out is what creates your future or reality around. So we must be conscious to keep our intent clear, believe in our self , trust the  universe and surrender for the outcome. 

Law of attraction - says-  Ask and you shall receive, but what is important here is to feel what you want to ask . When you start living in the feeling of fulfillment with what you desire the entire universe gets together to bring that to you on the platter. Feeling is important, always remember you are embodiment of love, love creates feelings that opens your heart to give and receive. 

I strongly feel that what is, is just right, 

for you, at a given time.  Sometimes we feel we have lack of resources. But  I believe universe takes care of us and provides us what we need. It is for us to realize that universe wants us to tap our inner resources. As you work along with me I will guide you how you can muster strength at these times and situation and rise up as more powerful You!

Self purification, self introspection and and self realization are stepping stones, whilst you take your steps you may identify some areas need transformation, trauma, fears, belief, depression or some things you think you need more work on. At this point I want to emphasize to you that you are to take them as gifts from universe and be grateful for what is. Once that is done metamorphosis starts. You will learn how you can embrace you once thought your weak self and transform it to be  your greatest strength.  While inner alchemy manifests, you will still have to continue working hard to sustain, that being said, You will wonder and be amazed when you see the results for yourself. The biggest discovery is yet to happen when you meet yourself. I can't wait to witness this along side you!

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Life seems like a maze, we all are looking for treasure, be brave take a deep dive in, treasure is waiting, that's YOU!


The peacock danced again....The feeling of meeting yourself is absolute union with source that we yearn for, when this happens, your ego dies and your renewed soul dances in rejoice. ~Deepika

Take a bath in fresh stream of water,  drink a detox drink or burn the imprints which cover your true soul expression. How I wish we could get rid of ego and soul imprints this way!

Each thought is important, your thinking makes you the person you are becoming. The experiences and life situations you get attached to start to make up your identity and your thinking re-enforces it until you develop a psyche which start to live within you, in matter of time one day it becomes so  dominant on you that you either loose on yourself or you are determined to get this out from your system. Choice and timing is your call. It is for you to identify the pattern and make a choice.

 Whether you want to live not having been lived to fullest or be brave and fearless to work on transforming yourself to live the truth?

  We can shed ego, traumas, hurts and grief. How you want to do it? Well! Everyone will have their own ways to do it and that is what makes a life lived, your karmic.  It does take life times to get rid of soul imprints and unravel your true self. We all have to go through the karmic cycle until time comes and you commit to yourself  fully.

When time is near first symptom is you can't take this false identity in you anymore. You start to have this yearning to live to your truest expression. You are breaking down physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. When you decide to undertake correcting this pattern, you become more observant and awareness begins to come in as first ascot. You are no more in flight, you are in fight mode. 

You are ready ripe for metamorphosis.

Shedding the stored pain and false identity is like dying a thousand times and undergoing the pain of each death, what is even harder is death of ego, attachment and addictions. They are like parasites in you which you think you have symbiotic relation with. They are hardest to let go and keep at bay. Sometimes others keep it alive in you by associating you with your false identity and these are times ego is very easy to seep in. Being conscious to keep them away even in dream state is what it entails in terms of work put in, because egoic identity feeds on our thoughts. "What you think so you become". Therefore we practice to learn to work on our mind. Socrates approach of 'not knowing and asking powerful questions' is what will bring you to overcome hurdles coming in your way. When you do things with a good motive even the universe supports you and hurdles will go away.  It is hard work though, but once you adhere to the will power, muster courage and trust, it will be like an inner adventure.

 Incentive is the reward - a new transformed You, the most awaited treasure!...again danced the Peacock!

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Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun

Laughter Therapy

My secret to laughter:
"O' Universe, open my heart in love, awaken my soul to light,
dissolve my ego and let me roll in laughter" ~ Deepika

Awaken the child within you.
We don't teach the baby to laugh or smile, a baby begins to smile when it is 3-4 months old. Sometimes even in sleep babies smile. Laughter and smiling cannot be taught because we are born with it, it is within us. It is the first sign of communication and is not bound by any language, color, gender or age. It is a universal language. It build relationships and always wants you to return to a happy place. Have we ever wondered why child never needs a reminder to laugh but for us adults we need to be reminded to smile and laugh. Over time, as we grow up we loose sense of our true essence of who we are? get lost in the worldly matters and forget our innate gift which is within our reach, right within us. Let us try begin laughing and witness for our self what a miracle medicine it is. In my words "it is liberating."


Shamanic Life Coach

Is the birth song calling you for integrating yourself to live life fully and authentically?

Shamanism is known as an oldest spiritual practice which dates back to thousands of years old. We are all Shamans because we have capacity to heal. Magic is within each of us.  Shamans only teach us how to navigate and reconnect with it.
I was looking to study life coach certification program, while browsing I felt this inner resistance to join any of the courses available. At first I couldn't understand why? upon introspection and listening to my inner voice I felt that believing in self efficacy, nature and energy work have helped me heal.  I must put together that into a program and offer them as my services. Our gifts are for sharing.  I was still hesitant and I needed to see it for myself if there is such thing as to what I believed in and that has healed me. To my surprise my healing work does have semblance with Shamanic practices, although my journey is  unique in its own way and different because we all have our own ways of experiencing and feeling life. For all those who believe in universal energy, universal intelligence, in oneness,  everything is connected and responds, trust in nature, cosmos, animal/bird signs, dream world, symbols, intuition, synchronicity, reincarnation and self efficacy, then we all have a hidden shaman within us, capable of self healing. We just need to feel and explore our true self. 'Knowing of yourself is beginning of all wisdom" - Aristotle. I am grateful to have found the Shaman who lives within me.  Through my coaching services you will experience that you are enough and capable of self healing. It is time you explore the shaman within you!

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Each somatic cell is intelligent enough and can sense what is right for it. If my thoughts and services resonate with you and you feel called please contact me on the form below.

You are priceless and so am I, I do not know how to quote the price to my gifts that I am offering, it is actually essence of my life lived. Nevertheless, I think, even if one of you finds it helpful in your journey it will be a reward to my efforts. But to support my living expenses and time  $369/- for a 90 minutes private therapy sessions, the kits/programs will be at a more affordable price though, free resources are enough to get you started. I am hopeful and trust the chain goes on and we keep offering our gifts to each other. In hope for unconditional flow of limitless love. ~ Deepika

I love working with clients from all walks of life who all share the common goal of bettering their mind, body, and soul. Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental, emotional being, work towards balanced living, fitness of mind and heart or tranformation. Mindmingles provides the resources to do so in a healing, holistically and friendly environment. Learn more about me by getting in touch with a member of our team today.

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